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The Amazing Spider-Man Research


The Amazing Spider Man was produced by Marvel and Columbia Pictures. This company is part of a conglomerate who are well known for producing comic book, superhero films. There was initially a trilogy of the Spider Man films with the last one coming out in 2007. However they reinvented it and 'The Amazing Spider Man' came out in 2012.The original franchise of Spider-Man was directed by Sam Raimi, whilst The Amizing Spider-Man was directed by Marc Webb.  Tobey Maguire was the first actor to play Spider-Man in Raimi's trilogy with Kristen Dunst as Mary Jane. In The Amazing Spider-Man it is Andrew Garfield who plays Spider-Man and Emma Stone who plays his love interest. This led to the couple having an off screen relationship.The film is available to view in 2D, 3D and IMAX 3D, with a budget of $230 million to help with stunts, music and advertising.


The film was very cleverly advertised and marketed, even before the film was set to be released. In February 2011, the official site was launched where a picture of Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man was unveiled. American shop Walmart offered tours for the film, where they even included never before seen footage. In January 2012 a Marvel select Spider-Man action figure was available to buy, being the fifth Spider-man figure to come out, although the previous ones were related to the comics. Merchandise for this film went crazy, with worldwide brand OPI even bringing out a Spider-Man nailpolish. A teaser trailer was leaked on the Internet and aired at San Diego's Comic -Con International in July 2011. There was even a 'sneak peak screening' in 13 cities world wide in February 2012, cities included  London, Paris, Los Angeles, New York and Berlin to name but a few. The official Twitter account then revealed a scavenger hunt by posting "Property of Peter Parker... Lost" with the longitude and latitude coordinates in major US cities.It it clear there was long anticipation for the film to come out, and it was not a dissappointment when it did with a rating of 73% from review site Rotten Tomatoes.

The BBFC certificate for the movie was pg-13. This may have been chosen because the movie may have contained mild violent scenes of which parents should be cautioned. The film was released in July 2012 which was close to two international sporting events which were the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.  The film company may have released the film at this time because it was during school summer holidays in which young adults and teenagers and younger ages would want to go watch the film. Also people from all around the world came for the Olympics and may have wanted to view the film whilst being in London. Globally the film had a staggered release. This is because after being released in cinema there is a higher demand for the film itself. Therefore the film company will give the film a staggered release because people and viewers will want DVD’s and to view it on television. There may have ben high demand for this because it was the forth film although they have different directors.


This film was shown in multiplexes such as city cinema, cineworld curtain, cinema empire, cinemas odeon cinemas, oiron cinemas, real cinemas, vue cinemas and imax cinemas. The reason why the film company decided to show the film in multiplex cinemas is because it is a worldwide movie and would be get higher demand and ratings when shown in multiplex cinemas. The sort of people that went to see the film were people of all ages such as children, teenagers, young adults, adults and may be even elderly. During the time the movie was released it was summer holidays and therefore people could have gone to see the film at any time of the day. It has had a immense success after its theatrical release because it has been well advertised and had a really an incredible buzz before it was even released.
The Amazing Spider-Man had a worldwide total of  $744,402,260 at the Box office. It is the 44th highest grossing film worldwide and the 4th highest grossing fillm of 2012. On its opening day, a pre-holiday Tuesday, it set a Tuesday-gross record with $35 million, which was previously held by Transformers. In China the film grossed $33.3 million over a seven day period, which is considerably more then the trilogy itself earnt in China. The IMAX screening earnt $1.2 million in 300 venues.

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