Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Kelly and Niki first video

This is a video that myself and Niki filmed in the quad called snatched. We started by planning it out into 8 shots on a whiteboard, by showing the position of the characters, the camera angle and also which shot would be used. We did a range of filming from filming it ourselves, to having the camera on the tripod and finally by miss taking certain shots for us where techniques like tracking were used.
I naively thought it would be quite easy to film basic shots in the quad, but I quickly learnt that not everything goes to plan! Firstly, Niki fell over which made me aware we needed to be careful where we chose to film our shots to make it safe. On a more technical basis, I discovered that it did not matter if there was additional sound in our recordings as we could quite easily edit this out in a programme which i was introduced to called Final Cut.

On Final Cut I learnt how to put all my shots in a 'bin' so I could select and play them and then cut the shots down with 'I' and 'O' so I could chose certain parts to use. I then learnt how to put them together to make one video, as well as learning how to import music in and render it so it will play with my video. Then I learnt how to mute sound that was created when I was recording so my chosen music was the only audio. Having said that, I kept the noise of the footsteps in the first scene on top of the music to create effect. Finally I was shown how to add in slide transitions to make it more smooth, and how to add in text for our title and closing credits.

Here is our video; Snatched

If I were to do this again i would work more closely with timing to ensure it looks right and runs smoothly, also to ensure the camera is stable to reduce poor quality of filming. Also there was a point where one shot sharply jumped into the next which we had to cover up with a slide transition. Although it was not the best transition to do it covered up the error which we will be sure to avoid next time. I will also try and use a space where people are not walking past, just a trivial thing but it will make a difference in my final work. Also we will both need to work on timing as this was an issue at the beginning leading to us having to do various takes of the same shot which was quite time consuming.
This was a process I really enjoyed and was very pleased with the finishing result.


Monday, 8 October 2012

Camera shot practise

I'm just playing around with the camera and taking different shots to work on my basic skills. Here is an extreme close up of my eye. I chose to upload this picture for one of two reasons;
1. I think the close ups can be dramatic and mysterious when used in films, and also emphasise certain features
2. The eye to me symbolises various aspects of media
-Point of view

So here is my extreme close up of my eye:

Positive representation of women

This morning I was delighted when I read the Sunday Mirror as I saw an article about Singing phenomenon Adele as she spoke about her plus size figure. Admittedly it was a bit ironic that the article was on page 3 beside a raunchy picture of Coronation Street's Samia Smith but a positive article was written never the less. In the interview, Adele says she feels her curves helped her success and said she wouldn't 'get my tits and ass out for no one'. I feel a great deal of her success has come from her not in fact being a stereotypical skinny, blonde celebrity but instead a beautiful young woman who embraces her curves. She said, and I quote: 'I don't want to be some skinny Minny with my tits out'. Adele goes on to say she has never had a problem with her fuller figure. She also said 'no matter what you look like, I think the key is to be happy with yourself''. This is the sort of message that should be given out to teenage girls to prevent eating disorders and depression because of the ridiculous amounts of pressure to be size zero. I think it is great Adele is happy to share her story with others and encourage girls that curves are beautiful, and being pregnant, it proves you don't have to look a certain way to get a males attention and be happy.

Negative representation of women (toddlers)

I read an article titled ''American glamour kids craze sweeps Britain''. The article is all about children being dolled up in make up, fake tan, wigs and nail polish to enter beauty pageants. This particular article focuses on the Miss Mini Princess UK competition, where the youngest finalist is just 12 weeks old! The initial show which was broadcast in the US called Toddlers and Tiaras has actually been forbidden to air any more as it has been rightly accused of 'sexualising little girls'. It has even gone as far as parents dressing their young children as prostitutes and teaching them pole dance routines so they have an edge over their rivals. The shows are surprisingly legal but concerns are arising about the girls being exploited. A French MP said girls were being 'disguised as sexual candy'. Mother of Aloka-Romaine (girl in the picture below) said 'I don't see what the fuss is's just harmless fun'. 

Personally I felt sick reading this article and seeing the way mothers are treating their daughters. It is bad enough it being on young girls, but children of no older then 12 weeks should be illegal. 'Fun' is the wrong word to describe this outburst, as I am sure at Aloka's age of 15 months she has not given consent and is therefore being exploited by her own mother. Having family members of this age myself, I am horrified at the way these girls are being treated, not only is it morally wrong, but it is giving out the wrong message about the UK to the rest of the world, if this is what is being published in our newspapers.

John Berger, Ways of seeing, 1972

This is a photo of the homework sheet that I completed on the view of women in the media by John Berger.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Kelly and Niki - The Amazing Spider Man

This is the videos that Niki and I recorded of us talking through The Amazing Spider-Man, we talked about the Production, the Distribution, and Exhibition of the film. We got our friend to film it for us so we could position ourselves in different shots. If I could do this differently next time I would probably put the camera on a tripod and film it from there to make it more steady.

Annotated low angle shot

The point of this exercise was to get used to using different camera shots and then to be able to annotate them and use Screen grabbing shortcuts.